Playing like a rock

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Of course, nobody stayed! They know that you don’t raise without the nuts. When you raise, they run. As you have been told many times, “You can’t get action if you don’t give action.” Your problem is not that you play such a tight-passive style, but that many people know it. You are too predictable, a fatal error. You have to change your approach. First remember to use all promotions available to you if you want to help your bankroll and it needs it. For example do not miss the code marketing pokerstars or any other new player promos. These are the most profitable.

Your style would bore most people, and it may bore you, but the boredom is probably not that great. You do not seriously expect to win much, and you like a slow pace and steady wins with infrequent, small losses. Besides, like many patient people, you probably do not bore easily.

How to improve your play? Your style does cost you lots of money. Your style is a minor asset. You can win with it, but you can’t win much. You have the more important half of the best style, tight-aggressive. Your patience and discipline will enable you to win a little in many games, but you will lose in the wrong ones.

Unless you want to continue to be bored, restricted to the smallest games, and forced to settle for tiny wins, you have to become more aggressive. Doing so will certainly cause your swings to be greater: You will win more on good days and lose more on bad days. But your long term net will be considerably higher, and you will get more excitement and respect from other players.

I apologize if I have offended you, but you were probably not surprised. You wouldn’t be reading this website if you were not dissatisfied with some aspects of poker. You want to win more, and you may be somewhat bored and unhappy about other players’ attitudes toward you.

You may have shrugged it off, but it bothered you. You wanted better results, more fun, and more respect, but you hoped to get them without really changing your style. Unlike the loose players, you do not have to change your style to win. You can continue in the same old, comfortable rut. But, if you want to get out of that rut, make more money, be less bored, and get more respect, you have to change your style and take some chances.

You already have the more important half of a good game. You just have to get more aggressive.

Online poker in 2014

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gaga-poker-faceWaiter, Check Please! This dame walks in.. long legs,.. lip stick… you know the type. She lays down $2,000 at a 2-4 no limit, she’s bought in as the chip leader. Her mind is set to buy the pot on all top hands. She is so beautiful and fit, she must jog daily unless she uses pure green coffee to maintain such a gracious silhouette without an once of extra fat.

Next to the lovely slim lady is bad-boy Johnny in a leather jacket and mirrored shades, using the big-boy voice, making big-boy noise, making big-boy bets.. his mind is set that the rest of the table will be easily persuaded by a lot of movements and hand gestures.

And then, there’s you. Now, being the good sport that you are: you’re going to take their money from them but you’re going to use more than your good looks (for as few and far between as those are.) Both the opponents are going to play hard with their money. You on the other hand are not going to play hard… actually, you’re going to hardly play. Poker is a game of patience and if you’re not betting with your head, you’re hoping for the best when you throw your money down. Don’t rely on buying pots because that’s poor strategy; plus you can’t outbet the lady: you either have the hand or you don’t. Play certain hands like you just flopped the nuts. If you get dealt pocket rockets: are you going to go all in without letting the small guys put their money in first? Use patience, check to bad-boy Johnny and let him and the lady duke it out.

Tables to avoid – The exaggeration that you just read is actually a lot more common than most people think (give or take the leather jacket). The possibility that you are going to sit at an online table with somebody whose sitting on a $60,000 poker account is very possible. You are either going to play in to him/her or he/she will play in to you. You can’t have it both ways; in the long run, you either play or get played. Watch and learn, then bet to win.

That there boy has done his homework. While some of us have had a dream of becoming the world’s finest Poker Players, some of the other people have had a dream of becoming the world’s finest black-hat hacker (black-hat is a term used for the bad guys in the hacking industry, white-hat hackers try to brake barriers for the good of mankind(you don’t have to believe that last part if you don’t want to.) Sounds like a dream to me because there’s so many hackers.. It’s a well known fact that Social Security #s are like Gold.

If somebody else gets your social security # and want to raise ****, well then that’s what he/she is going to do (that is if they can get your #). I’ve heard people say time and time again, that they had joined some type of random company through a SECURE connection. That’s nice. A large issue often overlooked by surfers is what happens after the SECURE transaction. After your credit card #, social security #, address, etc. etc. is in a database: what’s going to stop somebody from hacking in to the database after the “secured transaction?”

Who’s who in this online security business anyway? What does this have to do with Poker? Those are questions for you to ask yourself, better yet you should probably be asking the Poker Company you’re playing with about their security measurements. I’m throwing ideas out for you because I’ve had to deal with my information being abused years ago. I was buying somebody’s gas from a different country for a while and my credit card kept reactivating because somebody would call back in and reactivate with my information. It was a vicious cycle.

Recently, I had the pleasure of corresponding with a representitive from that assisted me with some of the details that we just covered. I had to know what made them stand above the crowd, believe me when I say I’ve done my homework. When it comes down to Safe and clean downloading, Security measurements, and being able to play Texas holdem without the hassles, you and I both know to keep our eyes in the table. That’s why most people don’t see the weak points in a system until a problem arises, you have to make sure somebody’s watching your number 2 while your watching your number 1. That’s why has dominated a large portion of the competition, they’re holding the “World’s 3rd largest” Online Poker Business for good reasons. They’re all really good companies but now you know where to find me if you’d like to test my skills.

Listen to this: recently sweetened the pot for you by giving’s viewers a 40% sign-on bonus up to $200. If you’re going to play, do your homework and play smart (and don’t lose your money).

“Jason, Great Job on Chipshuffler. We’re glad your promoting our site. We have a great incentive for your viewers.”

Below are some basics about online poker. I almost purchased some hyped poker books but then I figured, who’s going to type that in. Consider this: if you have to rake a certain amount of hands before you get your bonus, are you maximizing your profitability by playing low limit pots, if you are: stay where you are? If you’re looking to take Poker more seriously, you might consider higher stakes (HOWEVER!) If you find yourself making childish mistakes and you’re not playing tight, chances are: you’re not making enough money at it either. Take a look at the Poker hands page if your not familiar with how your hands rank.

I know that many companies have made efforts in protecting their customers from scams such as networking Online rooms. If you are a hustler, good for you, that’s a rough/dirty business (if you’re practice is illegal, you’ve probably taken my money before too). I don’t believe in using communication methods to “beat-the-Game instead of the man.” If you don’t hustle,… don’t get too comfortable because there are players that do and you don’t want to be in a no-limit Game when there’s a run-of-the-mill scam artist playing with you. Most companies have provided excellent security methods to protect your bets though. Choose wisely and stick with whom you’ve become comfortable with. Poker is a very profitable business if done correctly. Almost every Poker player is going to play different if it’s for his/her money, so if you want to make money, make money with somebody elses money (don’t ruin your credit because I said that, I’m talking about somebody else’s money from the poker table.)

Beating the casino edge

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blackjackBeating the casino edge is possible if you are using blackjack strategy indeed.

Blackjack players, you are in luck. You are the players of the one casino game in which players have the best shot at meeting, it not over-coming, the house edge. Congratulations to you and your blackjack strategy.

The reason for this is because this is the one casino game whose strategy can truly fight the house edge. In fact, there are two main pieces of strategy that players can use to bring that house edge down: basic strategy and card counting.

Basic strategy can be used in casino blackjack and online blackjack. This piece of strategy comes to players in the form of a chart with all of the dealer’s up card possibilities across the top, and all possible player hands running down the left side. All a player needs to do is find his hand and then follow that line across the chart until it intersects with the line of the up card the dealer is showing. Where those lines intersect players will find the most advantageous play for that situation, including for stiff hands.

Basic strategy took four men a couple of years of calculating to figure out what the best statistical play to make for each hand against each dealer up card. While players will not win every single round, basic strategy gives them the best possible play.

For the player who plays every hand according to basic strategy, he can lower the house edge to only a tiny 0.5%.

Unfortunately basic strategy is the best that online blackjack players can do in terms of strategy. But those who are playing in brick an mortar casinos there is another skill that can break even with the house edge and sometimes even get a 0.5% to 1.5% gain over the house edge. That skill is card counting.

Card counting is a system that players use to track the cards that have been played. The counting system tells them if a majority of low cards have already been played, meaning that the remaining unplayed cards are richer in high cards that favor the player. When a count reveals that the remaining cards are in the players’ favor, they will begin to raise their wagers to take advantage of the opportunity to win more.

Both basic strategy and card counting are skills, and both require practice. But with practice players can use those to make up their blackjack strategy and work towards beating the house edge.

Congratulations indeed.

online bingo tips

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Here are a few tips to improve your wining chances with Online Bingo. Yes it is a game of pure chance but it is still better to find the best opportunities in the market.

Whether you are new to Bingo games online or whether you are an experienced gamer, a few tips could always prove to be useful. Especially players who are not able to work out the true reasons for their current failure in the game may find these tips handy.

With such tips it would be easier for them to build up their game strategies and rectify the mistakes they have so far been committing.

Big mistake that most of the gamers commit is to think that they should play Bingo only to win the game. Winning could be a benefit but the fun and enjoyment despite losing at times could be great. However, if you are determined to find out the winning way you should first of all choose such games where the number of players is limited.

Experience has no substitute and you should try to accumulate as much experience as possible sharing views and opinions with others through chat, forum discussions and direct encounters. Also try to get the bingo bonus ball while playing since it can double your earnings when you win. Always select the higher paying cards, at least those above $0.25 that would ensure better winnings.

However the most important tip for you is to select a site that carries good reputation on playing as well as payoffs. Sites like party bingo or 888 bingo can provide you with best online Bingo and it does not offer fraudulent games like dishonest gaming sites online.

Last but not the least, play like a true professional, and be careful while playing. Also look for bargains for new players who join a site or bingo sites that offer good jackpots.

Playing at Party Poker

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Is it a good idea to play at Party Poker in 2012 and beyond? The answer is probably yes, but it depends who you are and what type of player you are. In case you want to join use a PartyPoker bonus code 2012 to get the most advantageous signup benefits.

If you are really interested in online poker, then Party Poker is one of the most reputable online poker rooms. They have been providing poker games on the Web for more than a decade, indeed pretty much since the beginning of online poker in the late 90′s. Party Poker is one of the most trusted brand in online gaming, part of the Party Gaming group of companies, which is listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Such a listing puts Party in its own league with just a handful of online gaming operators.

Indeed not any company can get and keep such a prestigious listing, but it comes with a lot of constraints. In order to grant its stamp of approval, the LSE (or any stock exchange for that matter) requires listed companies to provide audits and reporting, to follow compliance and regulations and to respect the law. Likewise shareholders expect the company to act fairly and to follow the law. This is why Party Poker left the US market in 2006, unlike Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker, as the management knew they they were not allowed to make a huge gamble against the US Department of Justice. Now five years later we know that they make the right choice. Full Tilt is bankrupt. Pokerstars still faces legal charges, will have to pay a huge fine and will probably not be allowed into the lucrative US market when it reopens.

Given that the online gaming legal landscape is still so uncertain and unclear, it is better to send your hard-earned money to the safest locations, and Party Poker is one of them. They had their troubles with the DOJ as well, but this is behind them and they are ready to come back to the USA when online poker gets legalized there, potentially boosting their already large traffic. They are now the second largest online poker room and they could regain their top spot if this occurs.

So traffic and reputation are arguably the two main factors to judge a poker room. Most players would probably agree that the third factor is promotions and bonuses. After all online poker is a very competitive game where it is easy to lose your money, so you want to get as many benefits and perks as possible. You will get a PartyPoker bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to $500 and this is more than enough to get started. If you have the money send the full $500 to maximize this opportunity. Even is this is more than you need, you can always withdraw some of that later as your dollars are perfectly safe in your party poker player account. The bonus itself converts by simply playing at the real money ring games or tournament tables.

Tips to win at poker

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Today we are going to talk about some tips to play online poker and win. The game is getting mature now on the Web and competitive, so if you want to win at online poker, you have to take this game really seriously.

Playing Poker is an art where everyone can find their place and so chance may smile even to beginners. But you should not count on luck to win, it is with skills that you will win consistently. To start playing and winning, you should master the rules of this exciting and often surprising game, do not hesitate to spend time studying your good and bad hands.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, it is important to have discipline to play and win at online poker. This is necessary if you want to put the odds on your side. Many hands are of little interest to be played because statistically your chances of winning are low. Learn to recognize them and toss them. On the contrary, if you have a good hand, maximize your chances of winning by making a suitable raise, without showing too much enthusiasm to the other players though.

Bluffing is one of the most difficult concepts to master in poker, and this requires many hours of training. If an opponent has discovered your bluff, be careful next time, change the way you play in order to be unpredictable and to trap your opponents. Start your learning curve on tables at the low stakes tables, or playing for free, either with fun money or in the numerous freeroll tournaments offered by poker roms. So you can build your own experience at a lower cost before moving on to higher limits, and start winning poker games.

Always try to calculate your chances of getting the result you want. If you realize that your chances are reduced, do not hesitate to fold. That is money better saved than trying something nearly impossible, such as a 4-outer or less. After a series of consecutive wins, some players tend to change the way they play, for example by raising bigger and more often. This is the best way to lose your carpet. If you feel that you are started to not play your A game anymore, it is time to go. Online poker will be there tomorrow. Patience is key.

Slot machines history

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Charles Fey introduced slots machines to casinos in 1887. Charles was a mechanic, who hailed from the native of San Francisco, California.

Slots machines have continued since as gambling devices. In recent times, slots are popular with many gamblers who prefer them to any other casino attractions. Whether you are playing online or at any land-based casino, slots machines rule the hearts of millions. A reason why players have a strong liking for this casino game is that potential losses are low. In some casinos, these machines occupy a whole room. In all, there are more than 7,000 types of slots machines and this number is increasing.

Previously, in American bars and clubs before the invention of slots by Charles Fey, other gaming machines were used. People simply use to call these machines poker machines. They offered players the chance to win drinks, cigars and foodstuffs at the game tables. This gave an inspiration for Charles Fey which led him to his invention.

An old slots machine called the Liberty Bell, had 3 reels with 5 different symbols. The symbols were diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, Liberty Bells and spades. Every symbol appeared twice on each reel. Besides, the symbols offered 1 in 1000 chance to win a jackpot.

As years passed, there was much improvement in these slot machines. In 1964, the initial slots machine developed by Bally Manufacturing came into existence, it was called the Money Honey. This newer technology allowed the machines to incorporate changing versions. Initially, homemakers derived great pleasure from them.

The era of the late 1970’s saw the competition of these machines with traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Hence, the popularity of these machines skyrocketed. Later by the 1990’s, the slot machines began ruling numerous casino floors. In recent times, these gambling machines generate more than 70% of profits for casinos. Initially people disliked these machines in casinos, however with continuous improvement, they are now viewed as indisputable among casino attractions.

At present, online slots are hugely popular among the masses, as sitting before a computer, players get to play from their own home with convenience. Online casinos offer you amazing options with these gaming machines. Software professionals give the game a visual appeal by constantly updating newer versions of these gambling devices. The number of players with these machines has grown tremendously over the years. Over 30 million individuals preferably play with these machines throughout the world. They are progressing with technological advancement.

These slot machines had their presence online after casino owners took to gambling on the Internet post 21st century. There is no decline in their rate of success, be it at land-based casinos or on the Internet. With rarely no need of stuffing much coins at cashier window, slots machines show no signs of waning.

Seven card stud

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I pretty much suck at poker. Another day reaching the $150 stop loss. Then I didn’t place in any MTTs. Down $215 on the day between Full Tilt poker and Pokerstars, $150 at 2/4 and the rest at Tilt MTTs. I am not satisfied with this, and ignoring the purpose of stop loss limits, I went back to my trusted 2/4 bad beat tables at Party. I ground out a $60 recovery over 3 hours.

I am leaking like a sieve. I can’t explain it. I know better than to limp in early position with Axs, call a raise from a TAG in late position, bet the flop out of position with air against the TAG late position raiser, call the flop raise, then check and fold to his turn bet. I graduated from poker kindergarten – not long ago, but still.

Yet that happened way too many times today. Probably six times. So then I tried a re-raise on the flop. Capped. I didn’t smoke anything, drink anything, or any other sort of thing that you might find in some of the degenerate players’ minds. It is like I just forgot how to play. I went to a 7 Card Stud for some tranquil time. No good. Up 5 bucks at a 1/2 table, but the pace was so slow.

Ah I have been craving action. I have been playing like an idiot, no patience. Lets see, checking Poker Tracker for today. . . VP$IP 18.4, PFR 10, flop AG 2.43, turn 1.36, river 1.06. 863 hands. Went to SD 38%, Won$ at showdown 37%. VPIP of 18.4 is higher than I have been lately by about 2%. PFR is higher by about 2%. Aggression is down. Dammit, I am Mr. Action junkie that forgot how to fold post flop. Only folded to a river bet once. In 863 hands.

Oh, and I need to figure out that I cannot bluff calling stations. I used to know that. Somewhere along the way, I found my donkey suit and put it on today.

I could use a good ass kicking.

Poker is tough

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Lately I have been thinking of quitting poker. Saying quitting is way too strong because when I inevitably get the urge to play again, I will look like a liar the next time you see me on Full Tilt Poker.

However, I have decided that I need a dramatic change in my life. Ideally my new goal is to earn a consistent income promoting poker rooms. A lot of the income generated is residual since you earn money from the players you sign up forever, so ship the cash for doing nothing.

Hopefully I can get to a point where I am earning a decent living doing affiliating and then I can play poker when I want to without pressure. I think it will make me even tougher to play against, because I feel like I play a lot better when I am not playing everyday and there is pressure for me to perform day in day out for months on end.

After two years playing almost daily the toll it takes on your body is quite extreme. I am mentally drained and on the edge of mental breakdown. This was pretty much my own fault for being a product of my addictions, but I wanted to make a shitload of money and prove to my friends and opponents that I am excellent at poker.

Reflecting on that I feel I somewhat achieved both, but did not get anywhere close to my ultimate goals yet despite being in
the top 1% demographic of online poker success. I probably averaged between $10,000 per month over the last 18 months and had months as high as $22,000 to months as low as $4,000. Overall I made somewhere in the region of $150k playing NL200 and NL400 on multiple sites over this time frame.

But I feel like this lifestyle is not sustainable for me. Very stressful and the swings are obviously emotionally taxing. As many people have said before me, poker is the hardest way to make an easy living. So whats next? I am going to cut down on the volume I play, probably playing once a week most likely on Sundays and spend time playing less tables and higher limits. I am then going to dedicate the rest of my time to working on my new website.

First I am probably going to take a well deserved break for the next month. I have a 2 week vacation in Cyprus lined up this month and need to prepare for that by doing nothing, playing video games and watching TV. See you soon.

Winning the big pots

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A crucial idea in poker is to select your battles, in other words your pots.

Of course all poker players want to win as many hands as possible and lose as little hands as possible. Also, players would choose to bet more when they win and might fold or not bet when they are sure to lose. These are the basics of the poker game.

Poker is a very complex game, though it looks simple. One important step is choosing your battles the right way. You may win less pots than you lose. But if you win bigger pots on average than you lose, you can be a profitable player. The strategy goes as follow:

Win big pots, lose small pots.

Normally, money is said to attract more money. But, that is not the principle we follow in poker. Instead, poker is a game where money is used to make more money. Each little part of money is like artillery. The more you have, the more money you might have later.

It sounds trivial to say to win bigger pots and lose smaller ones, but this is a skill only the top players master. Learn to build up the pots when you have the advantage. Learn to keep them small when you feel dominated, or even fold early in such situations.

Similarly, repetition is another tactic used to make money in poker. Getting the best of it again and again is sure to lead to success. It is not to be flashy but your strategy, edge and the bit of money you have with you is your edge over others.

Think of the casino in your aim to make money. A casino earns money through a small regular cut of each pot or collection charge. This is called the rake. These small sums from every game and every pot add up to a good sum over the time. Similarly the good players are sometimes called grinders, because they try to get a small chunk of the pot on a consistent basis.

Big players try to play for big money. But skillful players look at smaller sums and keeping the units small can lead them to success. But, bad players always look at the big score involved above anything else. They try and play even the most complex steps, to win a large sum at one go. This is not the right path to be followed.

In poker, it is not always possible to get all of what you want, but you should try and get what you want more often. This is possible by structuring your game and winning the big pots.